Clean & Fair

Clean & Fair is the world’s first Fairtrade cleaning range - made with sustainable fair trade palm oil. It’s also eco-friendly, made using organic, Fairtrade coconut oil from India.


Much of the palm oil grown as an ingredient for many of the products we use every day is not sustainable. It’s often grown on huge plantations with whole ecosystems being destroyed to produce it. So Traidcraft is excited to be supporting the Serendipalm co-operative in Ghana to produce fair trade, organic palm oil, known as FairPalm, in a way that supports smallholder farmers and protects the environment.

The Clean & Fair range is eco-friendly and made using only natural, plant-based ingredients. As well as FairPalm, it also includes Fairtrade coconut oil from India.

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Great for people

A fair price will really make a difference to farmers, workers and their families, and the fair trade premium will transform communities.

Great performance 

We’ve worked with experts to develop cleaning products that work brilliantly.

Great for the planet 

The palm and coconut oils are grown and processed organically by smallholder farmers who work with nature.

Daniel Nyano palm farmer
I enjoy selling palm cane. I sell direct, there is no middleman, so the price is fair. I have a better life, I want to do well.
Daniel NyanoSerendipalm
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