Traidcraft’s fair trade coffee range is different – not only are we passionate about coffee but we’re passionate about the people who grow it. We’re committed to working with small-scale, marginalised coffee producers.

For example, we worked with CIPAC, our Guatemalan coffee producer, to help them get Fairtrade certification and develop the quality of their products. We also arrange for our coffee to be packed locally, providing extra income for communities.

Instant Coffee

Our fair trade instant coffees are produced by CIPAC in Guatemala. The coffee is made from 100% high-grown, Arabica beans, which are renowned for being high quality.

Did you know? Our Decaffeinated Freeze Dried Coffee is made in Guatemala using the Mountain Water Decaff Process, which removes caffeine naturally. Unlike the chemical processes used in other decaff coffees, ours actually enhances the taste of the coffee.

Coffee 100%

Speciality Fair Trade Ground Coffee

Our range of single origin, speciality fair trade ground coffees are made from 100% Arabica beans, which are handpicked by small-scale farmer co-operatives. 

Speciality Coffee Montage

Everyday Fair Trade Coffee

Our roast and ground range of coffee is high-quality, everyday fair trade coffee.


Everyday Coffee