Coffee for Churches

If you’re passionate about hospitality and justice, you can do mission work every day by serving a warm welcome in your church with delicious, fair trade ground coffee.

Serving Traidcraft’s fair trade coffee and fair trade tea not only fosters the spirit of justice in your church, it helps your community to share fellowship with growers and their families across the world.

Traidcraft’s Refreshment Account makes it quick and easy to order and enjoy delicious coffee in church. You will also enjoy:

• £200 credit limit

• An invoice facility, with 30 days to pay

• Free delivery on orders over £40

• Regular updates from Traidcraft with details of special offers

• Delivery in 3-4 working days

In return, we ask that you aim to buy at least £300 worth of Traidcraft goods a year from us.

Head to our Resources Section for some great coffee-related worship material for your church.

Coffee in church infographic
We ought therefore to show hospitality… so that we may work together for the truth
3 John 1:8The BIble
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Pouring coffee

"The introduction of the percolator has added a real buzz to coffee time – more people stay after services, they speak of the quality and our ‘baristas’ serve it with pride! All this adds to our sense of community and joy of life – not just for us but for those who daily work hard to grow coffee beans.”