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Our luxury range of fairtrade biscuits is made using the highest-quality, fair trade ingredients including cocoa, dark chocolate chunks, sugar, sultanas, coconut and apricots.

Our cookies taste great – but even sweeter is knowing that they’re made using Traidcraft’s sustainably-produced, fair trade palm oil, which we call FairPalm.

What does FairPalm mean to palm oil farmers?

  • Farmers are paid fair prices and given support to farm efficiently, and the palm oil processing unit employs local people on fair wages.
  • In addition, a premium is paid which is used to fund local community projects. For example, providing clean water to villages that previously had to travel to obtain water.

Why FairPalm?

We’re supporting the Serendipalm co-operative in Ghana to produce fair trade, organic palm oil in a way that supports smallholder farmers and protects the environment.

We used FairPalm to launch the world’s first Fairtrade household cleaning range, Clean & Fair - continuing our pioneering work, we looked at where else we could use FairPalm, to make an even bigger difference to smallholder farmers in Ghana.

Palm oil farmer
The premium we receive goes into our community's developments, such as nurses and midwives' housing and toilets.
Kwaku AcheampongSerendipalm