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FairPalm – the sustainable, organic palm oil

Palm oil is everywhere – it’s a hidden ingredient in around half of the products on sale in the supermarket. Most palm oil comes from large plantations that are grown at the expense of natural rainforest and are hugely damaging to the environment. 

Are there alternatives to Palm Oil?

Palm oil has many qualities which differentiate it from other oils, such as it’s high melting point and the fact that it yields more oil per area of land than any other oil. For example, it takes 6-8 times more land to produce the same volume of sunflower or rape seed oil, and ten times more land to produce the same amount of soya. This makes the case for stopping palm oil altogether and switching oils very problematic.

But FairPalm is different. 

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FairPalm is grown by smallholder farmers in West Africa – where oil palm plants are indigenous, grow naturally alongside other crops, and where the farming community often possess a few palm trees as part of their multi cropping small holder farming.

In Ghana many farmers grow cocoa trees next to their palm trees. Interestingly, if we were to boycott sustainable palm oil from West Africa, we’d have to boycott the cocoa too!

At Traidcraft, we know fair trade isn’t only about people – it’s about being fair to the planet, too.

All our fair trade activities consider social, economic and environmental factors as part of the fair trade model. With FairPalm, we decided that fair trade could only occur in the smallholder farming sector, embracing organic, and leaving no place for monocropping.

And so, we have FairPalm. Organic, Fair Trade, small holder cultivation, fair to farmers, grown in harmony with the environment. Its why we think palm oil can be GREAT for our planet and is why we will always champion it. It’s a palm oil revolution.


Currently, you’ll find FairPalm in the following Traidcraft products: