Together Green Products

Together Green

Every time you buy our Together Green recycled tissue products, you contribute directly to a fund which helps Traidcraft carry out environmental projects in the communities of the producers we work with. We’re helping them build a sustainable future and adapt to the challenges of climate change.

Mountain Fruits, Pakistan

We source fair trade dried fruit and nuts from Mountain Fruits – an organisation that works to improve incomes for isolated farming communities in northern Pakistan. There are over 5,000 growers in remote places across the Karakorum and Himalayan Mountain region where many farming families still don't have access to clean water all year around.

Thanks to the sales of our Together Green range we are working on a project to bring fresh, clean water to almost 300 people in these remote communities.

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Get Paper Industries, Nepal

Get Paper Industries (GPI) makes fair trade felt and paper products for Traidcraft. They’ve been working on a tree-planting programme to reduce soil erosion caused by deforestation, rain, earthquakes and flooding.

Thanks to sales of Together Green, the GPI Tree Planting Project has transformed a derelict piece of land into a lush, green landscape. The quality of water running from the hills into the villages below has dramatically improved, and is now used for drinking, cleaning and cooking.

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