We Buy and Sell Fair Trade

Traidcraft plc, our trading company, is one of the leading dedicated fair trade companies in the UK and globally.

We source the UK’s widest range of fair trade foods, beverages, household cleaning, charcoal and rubber products, as well as fair trade crafts and clothing, from fair trade suppliers in more than 30 developing countries. 

Our approach

Why we're different

We’re known as fair trade pioneers and we’ve been busy innovating new approaches and sectors in fair trade for more than three decades.

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What is Fair Trade?

We support and work alongside small-scale farmers, workers and artisans to trade their way out of poverty and help them, their families and communities to flourish.

Producer Map

Producer Map

We focus on sourcing products from marginalised and small-scale producer groups across the developing world.


Our Fair Trade Products

Unlike most commercial companies that sell Fairtrade marked products, Traidcraft plc is dedicated to applying fair trade principles across our whole range.

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